About Us

Hi, We are De Modeler or simply modellers! We shape interiors, products and reality by all means...
De Modeler was founded by a team of designers and friends obsessed about interiors, architecture, travelling, nature, art, fashion and more...
We love to discover new products that are extremely functional, fun and enhance your quality of your daily living.
We deeply admire designers and artist of the 20th century and we try to offer pieces that reflect different design streams from natural and cosy like the Scandinavian style, extravagant and sleek like the luxurious Italian to even British countryside full of character and style.

We believe that by shaping our surrounding and living spaces we can access a better mental state and ultimately improving the quality of our life style.We like to indulge into new and exiting things whether it's a piece of furniture or a new trendy gear we thrive on simplicity and creativity, for us it's about finding a middle ground between functionality and aesthetic.


De Modeler is an online retailer of interior fashions.
Our mission is to redesign people house with style, passion and ambition.
Trough our timeless and trendy collections we aim to inspire our customers to create beautiful homes that will redefine their perception of living for good.
We aim to provide a great shopping experience for our customers worldwide.
Our highly trained sales team are always on your disposal to give any help or product advice, to assist you in creating your desired look. We will guide you every step of the way, from any queries you may have before purchasing, to our excellent after-sales service.
We hope you enjoy your customised experience online.
De Modeler !